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The Benefits of Storytelling for Your Child

Remember when you were a child? Remember how much you used to love story time? Whether it was before bed or at school or even when your parents took you down to the local bookstore, stories transported you to magical worlds and amazing adventures. What you might not realize is that storytelling actually has a hugely positive effect on a child’s development. At Colwell Nursery School and Kindergarten, we believe that the developing mind of your child is a top priority and should be treated as such. Keep reading and find out more about the many benefits story time can have for your child.



Learning to speak, or speak a new language, is difficult. One of the best ways to strengthen language development is to read books. But that poses a problem when the person in question can’t actually read yet. But simply listening to stories can help children learn new language skills in a multitude of ways. For starters, storytelling exposes young listeners to a vast range of new words, thereby strengthening their vocabulary. Listening to stories can also allow little ones to hear how the reader pronounces a variety of words, which allows them to grasp how the language should sound. These are both beneficial to learning to speak or speak a new language.


When listening to a storyteller, kids have to remember plot points and key characters without the help of pictures and vibrant colours. Since the child is emotionally invested in the story, this will force them to use their own imagination and thereby improve their memory skills.


Children view life through a very small lens but stories provide them with a way to relate to the world. Stories—even children’s stories—are reflections of the real world. Each tale deals with one or more real life situations that can help children learn about the world around them. Some researchers have even noted that brain activity when reading a fictional story is nearly identical to the brain activity that occurs when experiencing a similar, real life situation. Stories can help children become familiar with a variety of conflicts and problems, which helps them to resolve similar ones in real life.


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