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Childcare Blog from Pickering’s Colwell Nursery School & Kindergarten

At Colwell Nursery School and Kindergarten, we have been providing childcare since 1988. Now, we offer an educational childcare blog for Pickering and Ajax parents and guardians! With years in the childcare industry, we have the knowledge and experience to help you learn more about childcare. Check back often for new posts!

  • Three female girls in before and after school program
    01/03/2022 0 Comments
    What to Expect from Before School and After School Programs: A Guide

    Did you know that about one-third of Canadian school children attend before or after-school programs?

    There are many reasons why parents choose to place their children in before-school daycare or after-school programs. Not only is it great for children's social development, but it can help support working parents with excellent childcare and peace of mind!

    So, what can you expect from before and after-school programs if you are considering this for your child? What does our service offer that you won't find elsewhere?

    If you are in the Pickering or Ajax area and are looking for school daycare, read on to learn what you need to know!


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  • Female childcare teacher and female toddler reading together
    26/10/2021 0 Comments
    2-Year-Old Childcare Growth and Development Milestones

    Tracking your child’s developmental milestones is not only necessary to ensure they’re healthy, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to marvel at how much they can learn in a short span of time.

    Read on to learn the important developmental milestones your baby will reach around their second birthday with the help of gentle and trained childcare in Pickering.


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  • Toddlers doing brain activities in a daycare.
    26/10/2021 0 Comments
    Daycare in Pickering: How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

    As your baby turns into a toddler, the next few years are filled with significant change. Starting preschool is one of the first major milestones.

    Exploring preschool options is worth it despite the challenges this brings.

    If your child currently goes to daycare in Pickering and you're hoping to upgrade to a quality preschool, the tips below will serve you.


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  • child making geometric shapes
    15/05/2018 0 Comments
    5 Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

    Having a creative outlook is great for our intellectual, emotional and physical health. Creativity can expand our minds, relieve stress and help us to know ourselves better. That’s why finding a nursery school or childcare centre in Pickering that encourages creativity is so important for your child’s early development. Keep reading to learn five ways you can encourage your child to think outside the box and get creative at home.

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  • Happy kids playing together
    14/05/2018 0 Comments
    5 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

    Confident people tend to do better in school, enjoy better relationships and get more frequent promotions. But contrary to how it appears, no one is born with high self-esteem. Confidence develops over time and springs from a sense of independence, self-worth and competency. Keep reading to learn five ways you can boost your child’s confidence, whether they spend their days at home, or they’re attending part time childcare in Pickering.

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  • Teacher reading stories to kids
    14/05/2018 0 Comments
    The Benefits of Storytelling for Your Child

    Remember when you were a child? Remember how much you used to love story time? Whether it was before bed or at school or even when your parents took you down to the local bookstore, stories transported you to magical worlds and amazing adventures. What you might not realize is that storytelling actually has a hugely positive effect on a child’s development. At Colwell Nursery School and Kindergarten, we believe that the developing mind of your child is a top priority and should be treated as such. Keep reading and find out more about the many benefits story time can have for your child.

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  • Two little kids surrounded by colored blocks
    11/05/2018 0 Comments
    Different Types of Childcare Available in Ontario

    Being a working parent is difficult. One of the hardest problems you’ll inevitably have to face is what to do with your child during the day. At Colwell Nursery School and Kindergarten, we do everything we can to cater to your children’s needs. These are some of the childcare options available to you in Pickering, Ajax and surrounding areas in Ontario.

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  • Little girl enjoying on a warm summer day
    29/03/2018 0 Comments
    5 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Child for Summer Daycare in Pickering & Ajax

    People all over Pickering and Ajax are gearing up for another great summer. But life doesn’t slow down for the warmer weather. And for many families, it can be difficult to balance work and life and keep your little ones entertained at the same time. Summer day camp is a great way to keep your child engaged while you get things done. Here are five tips you can use to get your child ready for daycare this summer.

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  • Teacher playing with kids at preschool
    27/04/2017 0 Comments
    Benefits of a Low Student to Teacher Ratio

    As a parent, you have probably heard the uproar that occurs when school boards announce the words “budget cuts.” Teachers feel that uproar too because what “budget cuts” often translates to is increased class sizes and cuts to important social subjects like gym, music and drama.

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  • Kids learning how to wash hands
    08/03/2017 0 Comments
    5 Reasons Your Child Should Attend Nursery School

    All children go through critical learning phases as their brains develop and begin processing information and applying it to real-life scenarios.

    Attending an educational nursery school in Pickering can help your child hone in on this critical phase. When enrolled in quality programs, such as the Montessori method, children learn to cultivate valuable skills that lay the groundwork for a successful future.

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