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The Importance of Learning Stories in a Daycare Centre

Group of children dancing

Just over 3/5 of children ages one through three were in some form of childcare in the last year.

If you've been thinking about putting your child in daycare in Pickering, then you want to make sure that you choose one that gives your child the learning opportunities you want them to have.

At Colwell Nursery School, we focus on the entire child through learning stories. Keep reading to learn more about that focus.

What Is a Learning Story?

A learning story is when a childcare center documents a child's progress through a storytelling format. This is documenting the progress through play, narrating the details and events of the child's interactions and daily activities.

A learning story is excellent in terms of childhood education because it focuses on what the child can do rather than what they cannot do. There is a focus on their strengths at the daycare center.

Benefits of Learning Stories

There are many benefits of learning stories, which is why our daycare in Pickering focuses on telling the story of your child's progress in this way. Here are a few of the many benefits.

Entertaining for the Parents

When learning about your child's progress, looking at a list of everything can be educational but boring. However, looking at a learning story makes you feel that you are truly at the daycare with your child. You see precisely what they are learning and how they go through the process daily.

Makes Children Feel That They Are Special

What is more important than making sure your child feels special?

Not much and a learning story can help your child feel that way.

When your child feels that they impact the world, they are more likely to be motivated and feel a sense of control over their life. Writing learning stories can help them see how their actions and reactions affect the world around them.

This way, children feel they are benefiting the world in a certain way, rather than being compared to a checklist of things they should have accomplished at this point in their life. Instead of a deficit-seeking mindset regarding their education, this is an individualized, confidence-building approach to learning.

You Can See the Whole Child

A checklist of achievements does not see the whole child. It sees what they can and cannot do.

On the other hand, a learning story gives you a whole picture of what the child can achieve and who they are. It highlights their social and emotional skills, attitudes to learning, language, physical skills, and so much more! It gives you an idea of who your child is.

Being able to see these parts of the child can make their educational journey more about them as a whole rather than just what their knowledge is.

Daycare in Pickering

Going to childcare in Pickering will give your child an entirely new perspective of themselves. They will learn through play, and you will see their progress in a way that highlights the whole child rather than just their cognitive learning.

At Colwell Nursing School, we create learning stories to highlight your child's ability. With our programs, your child will excel in every aspect of learning.

Are you ready to give your child the best education you can? Contact us today to learn more about our daycare in Pickering.


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