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Full-Time and Part-Time Daycare in Pickering

Colwell Nursery School & Kindergarten understands the importance of children’s development. Our full-time and part-time childcare services in Pickering take your trust to heart. Before you select us as your childcare provider, we want you to feel comfortable and get to know us a bit. Colwell Nursery School & Kindergarten opened its doors to the Durham Region in 1988. For three decades, we have enrolled children from various backgrounds, ages, cultures, and learning styles. Our full-day and half-day programs evolve and adapt to our students' needs, as we want to ensure they receive the most enriching experience possible.

For your peace of mind, our facility is licensed and in good standing with the Ministry of Education. We also prioritize giving back to our community. For example, we regularly contribute to charity with our “Dress Down Fridays” and our annual “Operation Christmas” toy drive. Check out our FAQ for questions about our registration process, and contact us to enroll your kids into our nursery school or the daycare/before and after-school.



At Colwell Nursery School & Kindergarten, we understand the anxiety you might be experiencing as a parent when choosing the most suitable daycare for your child in Pickering. We strive to offer a warm, safe, and nurturing environment for your child, as their well-being and development are our priority. When you enroll your child with us, you will experience that:


     We promote health, nutrition and safety as well as the well-being of your child.

     We ensure that your child participates in responsive and healthy interactions.

     We encourage your child to discover themselves among other daycare peers.

     We prioritize your children's positive learning using creative and innovative means.

     Providing adequate time to rest, play and learn so that they can experience a balanced routine .


We treat your child as our family and abide by all the requirements as Pickering's one of the professional and licensed daycare facilities. Feel free to reach out to us at Colwell Nursery School & Kindergarten for more information about our daycare program.

Our Facility Offers:

Caring staff icon

Well-trained, Caring Staff

Our childcare professionals have long-term relationships with our school and the curriculum we offer. Our variety in programs offered keeps children’s interest levels high.

Personalized attention icon

Personalized attention

We offer a low teacher-student ratio to allow for more personalized attention. Due to our quality staff, our school can serve children with special or high needs.

Language icon

Assistance for children with language delays

We teach children with speech and language delays and many other difficulties, including social, learning, behaviour, and adjustment.

Curriculum icon

Well-rounded curriculum

We place special emphasis on language, mathematics, science and social studies, physical education, and arts, as well as monitoring your child’s development through formal progress reporting.

Personal development icon

Personal development

We also emphasize the development of positive self-esteem and decision-making while ensuring that your child has fun and enjoys learning at nursery school.

Teaching icon

Effective teaching material & style

We use teaching materials and books recommended by the Ministry of Education and adapt our teaching style to accommodate each child’s specific needs.


One of the most important qualities for your child to have is a sense of self-worth. When children are confident in themselves and their abilities, they tend to succeed in school, their future professions, and life. Your child’s education must provide experiences to help develop such attitudes.

As an alternative to Montessori schools in Pickering, Colwell Nursery School & Kindergarten utilizes a method of education that uses some Montessori materials and has a child-centred approach.

Learning through play

When children use playtime as an unconscious learning tool, they love the process. They are also in a safe environment where they are free to imagine and form their own ideas. And when children love to learn, they seek out knowledge and gain self-confidence. They learn how to learn.

Benefit all children

Each child is gifted, but they might be gifted in different ways. Compassionate, structured, and fun learning techniques bridge those differences. Whether your child has some developmental delays or emotional, social, or physical disabilities, educators can make them learn, feel comfortable and grow.

How Can a Private Kindergarten Benefit Your Child?

The bottom line is that a low student-to-teacher ratio means personalized attention. At a time when developmental gaps between children of the same age will never be greater in your child’s academic career, personalized attention is crucial. Read more .

What’s Happening at Colwell!

We invite and welcome all moms and dads with their kids from 18 months to 12 years, or those considering childcare in the Ajax-Pickering region. To learn more about our annual schedules, and childcare programs and month-to-month activities, please contact us .  

Personalized Care

Our early education programs are given by experienced, nurturing educators ensure the best care and learning experience for every child.

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