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Common Mistakes Parents Make When It Comes to Childcare

Two female toddlers playing in a childcare centre.

Time and again,evidence points to the fact that our experiences in childhood directly impact the trajectory of our lives.

That's why it can be so hard to give up control and send our kids off into childcare. When we do send them off, there are a lot of common childcare mistakes that parents make throughout the process.

We're going to talk about some of those mistakes today, giving some childcare advice for parents who want to provide the best experience for their kids. Hopefully, the ideas below can give you some fresh ideas on how to approach childcare.

Let's get started.


Controlling the Classroom

The idea of sending kids away for periods of time, especially for the first time in their lives, produces a lot of anxiety for some people. The natural response is to squeeze the situation so tightly that there's no room for anything to go wrong.

You verify, double-check, make demands, and direct childcare workers beyond any reasonable expectation. That produces strain between yourself and the childcare workers, and it makes it harder for them to provide a healthy environment for all of the kids in the classroom.

While it's healthy to set clear expectations and make your desires known, part of childcare is the world of new experiences that comes with meeting new people and entering different environments.

Becoming Aloof

On the flip side of things, some parents might offer too much control to the childcare staff. You might say that the parent assumes everything is under control and stops engaging with their child's childcare staff.

It's important to have regular communication with the childcare staff and engage with what's happening in the classroom. Do your best to stick around for a few extra minutes and have conversations with the staff, ask questions about the day, and see how your child is feeling.

If there's something that your child doesn't like about the new space, it's important to hear them out. Kids can't always communicate precisely what their concerns are, but they will let you know in one way or another.

Maybe the discipline style is different than the one you use at home, or maybe there's something serious that you need to become aware of. In any case, there are real consequences that come from becoming aloof about your childcare provider.

Not Working as a Team

There are a lot of activities, new ideas, games, and practices that your child will experience in childcare. Their providers will spend a great deal of time with them and have a big impact on their lives.

It's important that you're on the same page as the providers. Together, you can reinforce numerous behaviours and skills. Apart, your child will feel a significant rift between the way that they go about their life during the day versus when they come home.

Looking for Childcare in Pickering?

Hopefully, our look at some common childcare mistakes was useful to you. If you're starting to think about childcare options, there's a lot more to think about. We're here to help.

Contact Colwell Nursery School for more childcare advice, exciting options, pricing, and everything else you need to know about childcare.


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