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Kindergarten, After-school and Nursery Programs in Pickering

At Colwell Nursery School & Kindergarten, we have structured our programmes and curriculum to enrich children and help them start their school experience off on the right foot. Both our junior and our senior kindergartens aim to meet the Ministry of Education’s standards. We also use teaching materials and books recommended by the Ministry of Education. While we base our curriculum on these documents, we also understand that each class and student is different and we adapt our teaching style and materials to meet your child’s needs.

The Different Aspects of Our Curriculum


The development of language skills is an important step in the process of preparing for further education. At Colwell Nursery School & Kindergarten, we offer a number of activities to provide a well-rounded language curriculum. 

  • Speaking

  • Listening

  • Reading

  • Writing


Daily reinforcement will assist in the development of understanding of mathematical concepts. Children will be encouraged to use suitable procedures to solve problems and will be encouraged to use language to explain what was done.

  • Number and numeration

  • Measurement and estimation

  • Geometry and spatial sense

  • Patterning and algebra

  • Data management and probability

Science & Social Studies

At Colwell Nursery School & Kindergarten, we explore and develop skills in both science and social studies.

Areas of investigation include:

  • Community

  • Laws of nature (gravity, capillary action)

  • Similarities and differences

  • Cause and effect through exploration

  • Simple devices such as wheels, levers, and simple scales

  • The body and healthy living

  • The environment – relationships between people and their environment, including living and non-living things, the natural habitat, responsible use of resources, and recycling

Physical Education & Health

Daily physical education classes not only support physical health and development but also promote greater success in academic areas. A variety of play activities are chosen to coordinate with weekly topics. Healthy living and safety are emphasized throughout. Social and emotional health are extremely important components of personal development. Learning to respect the rights of others and to interact positively with peers and adults is stressed across the curriculum. 

  • Sports & physical activity

  • Relaxation

  • Nutrition

  • Emotional boundaries

The Arts

Dance, drama, music, and visual arts are valuable tools to help express ideas and feelings. Children must be encouraged to create their own work, thus developing their abilities to communicate. Daily opportunities for this self-expression will promote the confidence and positive self-esteem necessary for children to share their values and concerns with others.

  • Dancing & music

  • Drawing & painting

  • Role and pretend play


Students have their development monitored and recorded. Informal discussions regarding progress are available at any time. More formal progress reports will be given for children attending daily. Communication between home and school is encouraged. Only when we are working together can we best meet the individual needs of each student.

  • Daily communication

  • Discussion

  • Progress assessments

  • And more

Well-rounded Curriculum

Our curriculum is structured to help your child get a head start on a successful academic career.

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