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Daycare in Pickering: How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

As your baby turns into a toddler, the next few years are filled with significant change. Starting preschool is one of the first major milestones.

Exploring preschool options is worth it despite the challenges this brings.

If your child currently goes to daycare in Pickering and you're hoping to upgrade to a quality preschool, the tips below will serve you.


Socialize Them Around Other Preschool Kids Whenever Possible

Once your child reaches a certain age, it's important that they spend time with other kids in their peer group. Start setting up play dates and other situations that allow your child to be social with kids already in preschool.

Kids this age are picking up on social queues and personality traits. Spending time with other preschool kids will help with your child's socialization and confidence.

Work on Reading and Other Fundamentals

To get your child ready for preschool, you should start helping them develop the fundamentals they'll need.

Since reading is fundamental, make sure that you're reading stories to them every single day, without fail. Your child will develop a love for reading and will start to make valuable mental connections.

Work through some early math skills so that your child is prepared for the subject matter. Definitely make sure that they know their numbers to a point and that they begin to understand ways that counting is applied in real life.

They're at the age where you can begin involving your child in all sorts of household tasks, from cooking and laundry to handling the dishes or going on shopping trips.

These field trips and experiments will stimulate their mind and will serve as a perfect preview of preschool. Always push your child's creativity so that they can learn to express themselves and play with concepts.

Take Them to the Preschool for a Visit

Don't make a decision without taking your child to visit the preschool you're thinking of enrolling them in.

This visit can help you answer questions that you have while also seeing how your child adapts. It's also a great idea so that the first day of school isn't the first time they meet their teacher and see the classroom.

Go Through Some Practice Entrance Interviews and Exams

Several preschools today are highly competitive. Parents want their kids to go to the best institutions from the very beginning, and there are always limited slots for the best and most sought-after preschools.

There are typically prerequisite exams for these schools as well, either to see whether they can be admitted or to help place them in a specific class.

Transition Your Child From a Daycare in Pickering to Preschool

You can transition your child from attending daycare in Pickering to a quality preschool with a bit of conscious decision-making and patience. The suggestions above will help you out.

Colwell Nursery School & Kindergarten is a renowned preschool that has been around since 1988. Send us an e-mail or give us a call at (905)839-0074.


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