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2-Year-Old Childcare Growth and Development Milestones

Tracking your child’s developmental milestones is not only necessary to ensure they’re healthy, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to marvel at how much they can learn in a short span of time.

Read on to learn the important developmental milestones your baby will reach around their second birthday with the help of gentle and trained childcare in Pickering.


Social and Emotional Milestones

Your baby is learning all the skills they’ll need to be a friend one day. They become excited when with other children their age and will start including others in their games as opposed to playing beside one another.

They will eagerly copy others, especially adults and older children, all while developing their independence and testing the boundaries through defiant behaviour. This independence doesn’t stop them from asking for help, however, and they will let you know if they need a diaper change or have to go to the bathroom.

Language and Communication Milestones

One of the most rewarding things, when your baby is growing up, is watching them learn to communicate with the world around them. Language and communication skills are essential for our day-to-day lives and are so fun to watch your baby learn!

You will notice your baby points to objects, pictures, or body parts when you name them and can recognize familiar people and pets. They will talk to you using sentences with 2-4 words and repeat words they hear you use in conversation.

They can follow simple instructions such as “say this word” or “pick up your brush and place it on your side table,” but they might display (seemingly) defiant behaviour by choosing not to!


Cognitive Milestones

These milestones all have to do with thinking, problem-solving, and learning. Your baby’s brain is developing at a rapid pace and absorbing information like a sponge! You might notice them using one hand more than the other while they play, eat, or help tidy up.

Your baby can now sort shapes, sort and name primary colours, build towers of 4 or more blocks, and name familiar items and people. They begin understanding the concept of numbers and can hand you one block, for example.

Their imaginations are expanding, and they play simple make-believe games. Peek-a-boo won’t entertain them as much as before because they can find things even when hidden under two or three covers! This is known as object permanence.

This age is also where your baby starts developing their sense of humour. Silly things (like a cat that barks) are hilarious to them!

Movement Milestones

Your confidently moving baby can now do more than just walk! They can now stand on their tiptoes and run. With some practice and initial guidance, they will climb on and off furniture without needing assistance as well as make their way up or down the stairs. If you’re waiting to play sports with them, you’re in luck. They can kick and throw balls!

Their creativity and art skills are also developing - they can now copy basic shapes, including straight lines and circles.


Reach Their Milestones With Childcare In Pickering

Here at Colwell Nursery School and Kindergarten, we provide your baby with daily opportunities to meet their developmental milestones. Our safe and dedicated toddler nursery is the perfect environment for your baby to continue to grow and learn.

Ready for your baby to engage in enriching activities and social scenarios? Contact us today to register for our toddler nursery school for the ultimate childcare in Pickering.


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