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Our Policies

Allergy and Anaphylactic Policy – Colwell Nursery School & Kindergarten recognizes the potentially serious consequences of children with allergies. Please download a copy of our Allergy and Anaphylactic Policy for information on our strategies and policies relational to maintaining a safe learning environment.

Emergency Evacuation – If an emergency evacuation of our school was required, without opportunity for you to pick up your child, we would relocate to the Malvern Christian Assembly at 6705 Sheppard Ave. (Neilson and Sheppard) in Scarborough (416-284-4853).

Tuition Fees – Our annual fee is divided into ten equal payments, which are due in September, in the form of post-dated cheques for the first of each month. Your tuition fee reserves your child a space in the class, and therefore no credit is given for absent days.

Post-Dated Cheques – We require post-dated cheques from September 1 to June 1. Cheques will be deposited on the first of each month as the school year progresses.

Withdrawal – One-month notice is required for withdrawal from the programme. The final date for withdrawals is April 30.

Dismissal Policy – A child may not leave school with anybody but the parent, unless the school has been notified. Space is provided on the enrollment form to include the names of all persons whom the child may be released to. If there are changes to this information, please contact the school to make the changes in the student files.

Student Files – Colwell maintains student files for all children attending our programme. Files include immunization records, contact information, allergy information, and other various details. Please forward, in writing, any updates to your registration information so as to keep us informed of any changes (e.g., allergy, immunization, phone number, car pool arrangements, etc.). Collected information is subject to the Colwell Information Privacy Policy, and therefore is not shared with a third party without consent.

Snacks – Please do not send food with your child. A snack, typically consisting of tea biscuits and juice, is provided each day at school. However, if your child has special diet requirements, please speak with a teacher to make other arrangements. We are a peanut-free environment.

Daycare – Colwell maintains a list of trusted sitters to be distributed to our families in need of home daycare. If you are interested in providing home daycare, full or part time, please submit your name and phone number to the staff.

Labelling of Belongings – Please label all clothing, including coats, boots, hats and mittens.

Medication – Please do not send medication unless pre-arranged with staff. Colwell has special procedures in place in relation to EpiPens® and asthma inhalers. Please ask a staff member for further details if your child has either.

Indoor Shoes – Shoes should be left at school for rainy or snowy days. No sandals please, for safety reasons.

Back Packs – Your child should bring a bag to school each day to carry home creative work. A change of clothing may be included for children who have occasional “accidents”.

Field Trips – All teaching is done in the classrooms. There are no field trips.

Parking Lot and Grounds – The church has generously granted us permission to use the grass area along the fence line, east of the parking lot, before and after class. Please do not allow your children to play on the island or gardens.

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