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The development of language skills is an important step in the process of preparing for further education. At Colwell Nursery School & Kindergarten, we offer a number of activities to provide a well-rounded language curriculum.

Speaking and Listening

  • Daily opportunities in individual and group settings to: recount personal experiences, ask questions, listen and react to stories, communicate messages, follow instructions, join in songs and choral responses, and apply basic rules of participating in conversation
  • Opportunities to bring materials from home, related to our topic, to share
  • Oral activities designed to promote speech development
  • Daily enrichment activities in French and Spanish (words, phrases, counting, stories, and songs)
  • Special programming and referrals for speech and language problems or other learning or behavioural activities


  • Emphasis on books and reading for interest and information
  • Themes planned around literature
  • Reasoning and critical thinking developed through retelling stories, recalling information, expressing thoughts and feelings
  • Attention to following written instructions
  • Attention to understanding the conventions of sentences, including punctuation and capitals
  • Use of phonics as an aid in learning new words
  • Use of context to determine meaning
  • Use of predictable patterns to assist reading and determine meaning
  • Group reading: “chiming in”
  • Small group repetitive story reading
  • Daily story times


  • Writing as a means of communicating ideas
  • Early story writing to be encouraged through art work
  • Early writing skill practice
  • Understanding of simple, complete sentences/plurals
  • Awareness of simple punctuation, capitals, and spaces between words
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