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5 Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

Having a creative outlook is great for our intellectual, emotional and physical health. Creativity can expand our minds, relieve stress and help us to know ourselves better. That’s why finding a nursery school or childcare centre in Pickering that encourages creativity is so important for your child’s early development. Keep reading to learn five ways you can encourage your child to think outside the box and get creative at home.

1. Offer Simple Toys

Sometimes the most imaginative play comes from using the simplest of toys. Classic choices like wooden blocks and Legos, give children the simplicity and freedom they need to let their imaginations run wild. Paper and crayons are also a great choice and can help cultivate creative thinking.


2. Let Kids Make Their Own Choices

Little ones are eager to be decision-makers in their own lives, and evidence suggests you should let them as often as you can. While you’ll want to call the shots when it comes to things that affect their health and safety, letting them make smaller choices, like what activity they’d like to do, can encourage them to think more creatively.

3. Embrace Technology

While you might be wary of giving a tablet to your child, there are a wide range of apps that may actually have a positive influence on his or her developing mind. Look for apps that allow children to express themselves through drawing, animation or music.


4. Get Creative Together

Parents who are creative are more likely to have creative children. Whenever you can, engage in creative activities with your child like dancing, playing music, drawing, painting or even writing poems. When a child sees you confidently pursuing your creativity, they will fearlessly follow suit.


5. Make Space for Creativity

If possible, try to carve out an area of your home where it’s okay for your kids to explore their creativity. Supply them with construction paper, paint, glue, clay, scissors and whatever other materials might be age-appropriate and interesting for them to explore.


At Colwell Nursery School and Kindergarten, we provide children with daily opportunities to get creative with a range of different materials. We actively encourage creativity at every level and children are given daily opportunities to express their ideas and feelings through music, dance and art. Our nursery school and childcare centre in Pickering offers full-time, part-time and after school programs to suit the needs of children of all ages. Contact us today to learn more about our educational programs or to arrange a visit.


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